Friday, December 7, 2012

33 Ways to Stay Creative

From "The World's Best Ever",

Alright, I'll be honest. Writing blog posts is a lot harder than I originally thought it would be. At first I had all these lofty ambitions of writing inspirational pieces that thousands upon thousands would read and be touched by. It seemed terribly exciting and I never dreamed there would come a day when I would face the infamous "writer's block". I sat in front of a blank page for years it seemed, scheming and scheming until I could scheme no more, but I couldn't think of one good thing to present to the world. I knew I needed to, but I began to dread writing posts. However, here I am, determined to write despite the complete lack of inspiration that I started out with.
I was so starving for inspiration, it seems, that I have resorted to writing a post on my relationship and viewpoints on it. I originally found this list when I was adventuring with Stumbleupon a while back. It really resonated with me, because I've found many of these techniques on my own without being completely conscious of the fact that I had. As I was reading the list I kept thinking to myself, "Hey, I do that!" For instance, I used to free write A LOT. Most evenings I would write to God about the day and things I had on my mind and things I felt he was saying to me. It was a way for my prayers to be more focused. I didn't realize that's why I found myself more inspired and creative. Now I'm thinking I should really get back into that!
I really value journalling, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to keep one. Not only does it keep you creative, but it also helps to keep you balanced, in my opinion. It's very therapeutic to be able to release emotions and stress in this way. If you can write about it, and get it all out, then you can spend less time thinking about it over and over again and spend more time working around it and living joyfully! Plus, it doesn't necessarily need to be an every day thing. When I first started journalling when I was really young, I thought to myself, "Okay, this is the week I write every single day, without fail. I don't care what happens I WILL write in my journal!" This system just didn't work for me. I know that for many other people, forcing themselves to write every day keeps them challenged and goal-oriented, and that's great! Go for it! But for some people this just adds unnecessary stress. Too much stress is the enemy of a creative mind. So go with the flow! Also, it you were to look through my journal, you would find more than just mundane posts. You would find lists (#1!), and drawings, and random ideas (#30!). Nothing is too crazy or abnormal to put in your journal. It's your place to relax and communicate whatever your little heart desires. And also, in case you haven't already noticed, this post is definitely breaking the font and text size rules! Yay for creativity! (Actually, I just don't know how to make it look like it usually does, but hey! We'll go with it!) Stay creative, my friends!

My Favoritest Author of All Time!

I love C. S. Lewis. Like a lot. He was such a wise man! He had such sound theology, and I really admire his writing. He had a way of drawing you in, captivating you with his poetic words, and when you finish, the full gradeur of his point hits you like a wave. Wow, that's major talent. Upon researching him, I learned some very cool facts about him:

1) He was buddies with J. R. R. Tolkien! How cool is that! They both worked at Oxford, and supposedly gave each other suggestions on their works. This makes sense, because they both incorperated Christian analogies into their novels.
2)C. S. Lewis married an American writer named Joy Davidman.
3)In 1917, he volunteered in the British Army, and experienced trench warfare. He was wounded, and while recovering he became quite depressed and homesick.
4)He made a pact with his friend that if either of them died in the war, the survivor woud take care of their families. When his friend died, he took on the care of the man's mother, who he formed such a close reationship with that he would often introduce her as his own mother. His mother had died when he was a child, and his father was distant and eccentric, so they became super close. He cared for her when she developed dementia, visiting her every day in the home until she died.

I was scrolling through a list of C. S. Lewis quotes today, and so many of them spoke to me. They were all so fantastic, that I couldn't possibly share just one with you, so here are some of my favorite quotes by C. S. Lewis.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.” 

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of - throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.” 

Agh, how awesome is this guy?!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Love Beyond Measure

Have you ever noticed how much our culture craves love? No? You mean you haven't stumbled upon the million and billions of songs describing (and bemoaning) it, the TV shows idolizing it? How about the many websites devoted solely to helping people find it for themselves? Still no? Then I'm sorry to break it to you my friend, but you have lived under a rock your whole life. Not only have you been deprived of experiencing life, but I do not envy you the bruises you must have! Rocks are not too comfy..

But you know what I mean, right? Just take a look at these song lyrics:

"What do you got, if you ain't got love?
Whatever you got, it just ain't enough
You walk in the road, but you're going nowhere
You're tryin' to find your way home, but there's no one there
Who do you hold, in the dark of night?
You wanna give up, but it's worth the fight
You have all the things, that you've been dreaming of."
"However far away,
I will always love you.
However long I stay,
I will always love you.
Whatever words I say,
I will always love you;
I will always love you."

It's as if the whole world is crying out for something more! Something solid in the middle of this unpredictable mess we call life. We know that life is nothing without love, but yet it sometimes seems like it isn't enough... Coincidence? I don't think so! It's how we were made! However we just keep wandering around looking for a quick bandaid fix to this giant problem, when the forever solution is right there! How could we be so blind! God loves us so much and we need Him so much that nothing else will do.
When I'm feeling particularly lonesome, I love just being quiet and feeling God there with me. He says His unfailing love surrounds me (Psalm 32:10), and that he will give me rest (Matthew 11:28) and be with me always (Jeremiah 30:10). That's good enough for me! :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Guerilla Artist

This has got to be the collest quote ever!  I love the idea of making art more than just some lines on paper; allowing it to leap off the pages and become tangible. "Paint the very atmosphere", that sounds so noble! Art is something that not every feels they can relate to, so it's something special when you take it out into the world and show them that art is so much more than they think. Art is exciting, inviting, and captivating! It reahes into your very core and relates to you in a way that nothing else can. Art is all interpretation, and though it helps to find out what the artist's take on it was, the true function of art is to reach you where you are.
If art is meant to reach you where you are, why not take it to where the people are?? I recently found this book called, "The Guerilla Artist". I haven't actually gotten around to purchasing it yet, but it sounds fantastic! It looks like it is meant to inspire you and give practical tips to "paint the very atmosphere". It's called "street art", and I've always been a big fan of it. Yes, some may call it graphitti, but I call it genius! They take ordinary walls, mailboxes, street markings, etc... and make them awesome! It's such an unexpected surprise that I dare liken it to random acts of kindness. Oh how wonderful it must be to be that artist, nd know you've brought a smile or chuckle to an otherwise glum day, whosever it may be. So yes, this is on my wishlist for sure. And if anyone buys it, please let me kow what you think of it! I'd also love to see what fantastic art you've been creating, whether it's street art or canvas art or a sketch or a fabulous recipe, or photography or a song or whatever! There are tons more ways you could create something, so if you're reading this I am speaking to you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Poetry and Stuff...

The Edge
By Brianna Bute
I stand on the edge,
Peering at the vast world below,
Dreading the moment I leave my cozy nest,
When everything I’ve ever known,
Will be only happy memories.
Do I jump?
Will I fall?
Consumed by indecision
 I turn and spot the future
Creeping up on me.
Filled with sudden courage,
I turn to face the world,
Don’t look down,
Don’t look down…
I close my eyes real tight,

And leap!
SO... Hey there! This poem is something I whipped up for the first ever assignment of my English 30-1 Classs! <Don't ask me why there are three "S"s... Anyways, I'm not sure if it can be considered good poetry, but I like it, so that's always good. :)
There are 3 new things that have happened recently:
1) I have recently purchased a laptop. With this new-fangled gadget I will be able to write to you much more easily! Yay!
2) I have moved. Whether this is a "yay" or "nay" I haven't yet decided... I will let you know. It's smaller, which is lame BUT there's not as much house to clean. I can walk to school which is nice BUT also not, because I'm lazy. ;)
3) I have entered the fantastical world of Grade 12! Woo hoo! I'm happy, but also a little nervous. You probably gathered that from the poem, but whatever, I told you again!


Monday, August 13, 2012

I Will Follow

"Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move I'll move
I will follow you

Who you love, I'll love
How you serve, I'll serve
If this life I lose
I will follow you"

I love this song. We sang it in church the other day, and I seriously almost cried. It applies so well to my life at the moment, because my family and I have decided to move to Nicaragua next year to be missionaries. It's so exciting to be following where God wants us! He's been very close to me through this too, which is the best feeling ever :) It's really difficult for us right now though, because we are having to move into town, and off our acreage. We're getting rid of most of our stuff and moving to a much smaller place. It's kinda scary leaving this place that has been such a safe and peaceful haven for not only us, but for some of my friends who have claimed it as their second home. But it will all be okay in the end, cuz I know God is always holding me and leading me on. He's got a plan for His daughter, and this is one part of it. God is shaping me into someone more like Himself, and a girl who an fearlessly do His work in this broken world we live in. I have solemnly decided to follow Him wherever He leads me, because I am just so in love with Him, and I'm just so excited to see what amazing things God has planned for me! :) He'll provide everything I need, and He won't ask me to do anything I can't handle with His help.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Voila! Fine Poetry For My Lovely Folk!

When it comes to writing blog posts,
I can really suck!
So to make up for my lameness,
A picture of a duck!

Ta da!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

"There's Nothing Braver Than A Duck."

Okay guys, I've found a new obsession. It started with an inside joke, but I'm starting to think that this would be the perfect trademark symbol of Brianna Bute. It reflects my personality perfectly! And here is what it is: ... ducks! Yes, ducks. It's kinda strange, I know, but then again so am I so it works. :P

It all started one warm sunny day when my friend and I were teaching Sunday School. The lady teaching that day's lesson told everyone to grab a partner, so automatically this tiny grade one girl whips around and exclaims, "Brianna's my partner!!" We chuckled a wee bit about that one, and then the teacher explained what we were to do. See, one person was the clay, the other the sculptor. The clay would start out looking afraid, the the sculptor would move them into a position that was brave. So I make a frightened face. Then the little girl takes my hands, and I think she meant to put them on my hips, but they ended up a little higher. They looked very much like wings. And I thought to myself, "She gone and made me into a chicken! I was supposed to be brave!" She moved my mouth into a smile and stepped back. Proud of her work, she turned to watch the other sculptors work. When my friend saw my like this she laughed so hard! And then out of her mouth came the famous words, "There's nothing braver than a duck!"
Ever since that day, that has been our special joke. She posted it on my Facebook wall today, and I wrote on hers a cheesy duck joke. And I predict this is the start of my duck infatuation. Just warning you. And really, can you blame me? They are such a super cool animal! With their webbed feet and duck bill. And they waddle! Man, you can not get much better than that.

This is my favorite duck. Even though he's purple (or blue, whatever) and doesn't look much like a duck, he definitely has that personality of a true duck! If you've never seen him in action, I would encourage you to watch the children's cartoon, "Peep and the Big Wide World". He is too funny!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Something Special

When I grow up,
Or maybe just right now,
I want to have that special something.

You know what I mean,
You've seen it before.
When someone loves without limits,
Instead of looking for the door.

When he smiles and he means it,
Or you never see her mope,
It's intriguing and it matters.
It brings others hope.

When I look in the mirror,
That's what I want to see.
I want to live fearlessly,
With my arms open wide,
Ready to catch any speck of good that comes my way.
And when I catch painful wounds in my hands,
I want to be strong enough to stand,
To fiercely determine to open again.
And when troubles pursue me,
Like thieves in the night,
I will never, ever let go of hope.

I want to be quick to forgive you,
Quick to reach to you,
Quick to go an extra two miles for you.
I want to steal away the burdens,
Leaving joy in it's place,
Turn that frown upside down,
On every possible face.

The shadows,
They'll run when they see me come near.
'Cause I'm leaning on God!
They have reason to fear!

I want to earn your trust,
And be ready to do my part.
Have the wisdom to wait,
And to know when to start.

I want to know the story,
Every story,
Behind every tired face,
I want to be there, when the world turns away.

Return slaps with hugs,
Tears with tissues,
Lies with truth.

I want to be able to honestly say,
I can laugh at the times to come!
'Cause I know if I fall,
My Lord will catch me.
If I cry,
My Lord will love me.
If I die,
My Lord will not hide
His tears of joy
When He runs to me and says,
"Welcome home! I missed you."
That is something pretty special.

*^this here is my attempt at spoken word poetry. Trust me, it sounds a lot better when it is performed. Haha, but if you want to see some real spoken word poetry, look up Sarah Kay on YouTube. Her stuff is amazing! Especially her, "If I Should Have a Daughter". She performs it during her TED talk. Very cool :) Here's a link:

Friday, April 27, 2012

To Write Love on Her Arms

A while back there was a day when everyone was encouraged to write the word "love" on their arm to raise awareness and support for those having troubles with self-injury and self-image. It was cool to see so many people doing it!
Yesterday I was looking back on that day, and wishing I had been more informed about what it was really about. It's so sad how people just get swept up in the excitement of a movement like this, and don't actually know the facts and story behind it. So I googled "To write love on her arms", and found out that it is actually an organization that gives support and hope to anyone finding themselves in a hard place.
It all started with a story. A girl's friends wrote it to accompany a T-shirt fundraiser they were doing to raise money to pay for her rehab. Here's the story.


"Pedro the Lion is loud in the speakers, and the city waits just outside our open windows. She sits and sings, legs crossed in the passenger seat, her pretty voice hiding in the volume. Music is a safe place and Pedro is her favorite. It hits me that she won't see this skyline for several weeks, and we will be without her. I lean forward, knowing this will be written, and I ask what she'd say if her story had an audience. She smiles. "Tell them to look up. Tell them to remember the stars."

I would rather write her a song, because songs don't wait to resolve, and because songs mean so much to her. Stories wait for endings, but songs are brave things bold enough to sing when all they know is darkness. These words, like most words, will be written next to midnight, between hurricane and harbor, as both claim to save her.

Renee is 19. When I meet her, cocaine is fresh in her system. She hasn't slept in 36 hours and she won't for another 24. It is a familiar blur of coke, pot, pills and alcohol. She has agreed to meet us, to listen and to let us pray. We ask Renee to come with us, to leave this broken night. She says she'll go to rehab tomorrow, but she isn't ready now. It is too great a change. We pray and say goodbye and it is hard to leave without her.

She has known such great pain; haunted dreams as a child, the near-constant presence of evil ever since. She has felt the touch of awful naked men, battled depression and addiction, and attempted suicide. Her arms remember razor blades, fifty scars that speak of self-inflicted wounds. Six hours after I meet her, she is feeling trapped, two groups of "friends" offering opposite ideas. Everyone is asleep. The sun is rising. She drinks long from a bottle of liquor, takes a razor blade from the table and locks herself in the bathroom. She cuts herself, using the
blade to write "FUCK UP" large across her left forearm.

The nurse at the treatment center finds the wound several hours later. The center has no detox, names her too great a risk, and does not accept her. For the next five days, she is ours to love. We become her hospital and the possibility of healing fills our living room with life. It is unspoken and there are only a few of us, but we will be her church, the body of Christ coming alive to meet her needs, to write love on her arms.

She is full of contrast, more alive and closer to death than anyone I've known, like a Johnny Cash song or some theatre star. She owns attitude and humor beyond her 19 years, and when she tells me her story, she is humble and quiet and kind, shaped by the pain of a hundred lifetimes. I sit privileged but breaking as she shares. Her life has been so dark yet there is some soft hope in her words, and on consecutive evenings, I watch the prettiest girls in the room tell her that she's beautiful. I think it's God reminding her.

I've never walked this road, but I decide that if we're going to run a five-day rehab, it is going to be the coolest in the country. It is going to be rock and roll. We start with the basics; lots of fun, too much Starbucks and way too many cigarettes

Thursday night she is in the balcony for Band Marino, Orlando's finest. They are indie-folk-fabulous, a movement disguised as a circus. She loves them and she smiles when I point out the A&R man from Atlantic Europe, in town from London just to catch this show.

She is in good seats when the Magic beat the Sonics the next night, screaming like a lifelong fan with every Dwight Howard dunk. On the way home, we stop for more coffee and books, Blue Like Jazz and (Anne Lamott's) Travelling Mercies.

On Saturday, the Taste of Chaos tour is in town and I'm not even sure we can get in, but doors do open and minutes after parking, we are on stage for Thrice, one of her favorite bands. She stands ten feet from the drummer, smiling constantly. It is a bright moment there in the music, as light and rain collide above the stage. It feels like healing. It is certainly hope.

Sunday night is church and many gather after the service to pray for Renee, this her last night before entering rehab. Some are strangers but all are friends tonight. The prayers move from broken to bold, all encouraging. We're talking to God but I think as much, we're talking to her, telling her she's loved, saying she does not go alone. One among us knows her best. Ryan sits in the corner strumming an acoustic guitar, singing songs she's inspired.

After church our house fills with friends, there for a few more moments before goodbye. Everyone has some gift for her, some note or hug or piece of encouragement. She pulls me aside and tells me she would like to give me something. I smile surprised, wondering what it could be. We walk through the crowded living room, to the garage and her stuff.

She hands me her last razor blade, tells me it is the one she used to cut her arm and her last lines of cocaine five nights before. She's had it with her ever since, shares that tonight will be the hardest night and she shouldn't have it. I hold it carefully, thank her and know instantly that this moment, this gift, will stay with me. It hits me to wonder if this great feeling is what Christ knows when we surrender our broken hearts, when we trade death for life.

As we arrive at the treatment center, she finishes: "The stars are always there but we miss them in the dirt and clouds. We miss them in the storms. Tell them to remember hope. We have hope."

I have watched life come back to her, and it has been a privilege. When our time with her began, someone suggested shifts but that is the language of business. Love is something better. I have been challenged and changed, reminded that love is that simple answer to so many of our hardest questions. Don Miller says we're called to hold our hands against the wounds of a broken world, to stop the bleeding. I agree so greatly.

We often ask God to show up. We pray prayers of rescue. Perhaps God would ask us to be that rescue, to be His body, to move for things that matter. He is not invisible when we come alive. I might be simple but more and more, I believe God works in love, speaks in love, is revealed in our love. I have seen that this week and honestly, it has been simple: Take a broken girl, treat her like a famous princess, give her the best seats in the house. Buy her coffee and cigarettes for the coming down, books and bathroom things for the days ahead. Tell her something true when all she's known are lies. Tell her God loves her. Tell her about forgiveness, the possibility of freedom, tell her she was made to dance in white dresses. All these things are true.

We are only asked to love, to offer hope to the many hopeless. We don't get to choose all the endings, but we are asked to play the rescuers. We won't solve all mysteries and our hearts will certainly break in such a vulnerable life, but it is the best way. We were made to be lovers bold in broken places, pouring ourselves out again and again until we're called home.

I have learned so much in one week with one brave girl. She is alive now, in the patience and safety of rehab, covered in marks of madness but choosing to believe that God makes things new, that He meant hope and healing in the stars. She would ask you to remember."

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinterest... My new best friend :)

Alright. Big news guys. I've heard this line so many times it's ridiculous, but I'm saying it.
"I am so addicted to Pinterest!"
If you've ever used it, you know what I mean. It's crazy easy to get sucked into! If you've never heard of this Pinterest I speak of, look it up right. Like, right now. I know you can, cuz your reading this, so you have no excuse! :P Pinterest is this cool social networking site where you can essentially "pin" any pic you want, whether it's on the Internet or one you took, or one that someone else pinned. All your pins are collected on your pinboard, and you cam organize them however you want. It's absolutely incredible! You can find everything under the sun on this site! And to prove it, I shall give you a sample of all the random things you could find if you were to go there:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We All Smile In The Same Language

Hello! (That's just in case by some miracle someone accidentally stumbles upon this post. Better safe than sorry, right?) I've been realizing all over gain how truly AWESOME life is! Seriously, I almost forgot what it's like to laugh with your whole being, not self-consciously or half-heartedly. It feels amazing. :) And I hate to say it, but life seems so much simpler and free since my boyfriend and I broke up. I don't have so many things to worry about, and I can just be me. I accomplish so much more for God too! It's quite refreshing. :)
I've been practicing photography lately. I'm still not great at it, but I'm working on it. Here are some of the better ones:

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Frailty of Life

Great plumes of smoke burst into the four o'clock sky as we passed on the highway. Five minutes earlier, and we wouldn't have seen the flames. Five minutes later would have been too late. The world was still asleep and unaware of the flames' destruction in its midst.
Pulling up to the house, the orange flames were warm on our faces. No one was around except a man in nothing but shorts pacing frantically on the street. Rushing to our still moving car, he shouted, "Call 911! Please! Please help me! Call 911!" My mother was already talking with the dispatch. He ran back to his truck where his three small children stared in disbelief as the only home they ever knew disappeared in violent chaos. Tears glistened on their eyes, but refused to fall. The young boy looked to me, and with honest and unmasked fear all he could say was, "What about all my toys?"
In this time of confusion and fear, the mysterious but intense love I suddenly felt for these poor children was unmistakable. I felt a strong desire to protect them and comfort them when they were forgotten in the chaos of the moment. As I ran my fingers through the little girls hair, it was like God was whispering to me, "You wanted to do something for me? Well this is it. This is what you're meant to do now. Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me."
My dad and a few neighbors immediately kicked into action, pounding on the doors of the adjoining residences. When there was no answer, they had to kick in the door. They would not leave anyone behind.
Seeing this family, and how quickly their circumstances changed reminded me of how uncertain this life is. Going to bed last night, they had no idea what they would wake up to. Nothing is stable, we can't even count on tomorrow coming. Eveyday, we are as frail as the day we were born. This is why we have God. He was certainly with us all today. Everything, from the exact moment the flames caught my mom's eye, to the miracle of everyone getting out of the fourplex unscathed, it was all God. It's crazy! He put us in that exact spot in that exact time for a specific reason! And I'm so glad He did! I'm so glad He was with us then, and He's watching over the family now. He is always the same; He never changes. Our stuff on this world doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things. All that matters is God, and his kingdom. <3

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Fools of April

April Fools!!! I'm not actually going to write a post. Jokes! Too late for that now, isn't it? Oh well, at least I tried. I've never been great at April Fools jokes and such. I think the highlight of my pranking career was one Christmas when my cousin and I taped newspaper over the whole doorway to my brother's room in the middle of the night. When he woke up, he just stood there staring at it for a few minutes, then carefully took off one piece and crawled through the hole. It was pretty grand, not gonna lie. :)
Supposedly, here in North America, the jokes are only supposed to happen in the morning. And if you pull a prank in the afternoon people get to make fun of you and chant, "April Fools has come an gone, you're the fool for pulling one!" How rude. Sheesh. And supposedly, in France and Italy, they tape fishes to each others backs! That's a strange one. I wonder if they were real fishes... :P


Saturday, March 31, 2012

"I'm Still Learning" ~Michelangelo

This picture gives me goosebumps. I love looking at these blank journal pages, just waiting to be filled with anything you could dream of. There are just so many possibilities at this moment, before pen hits paper. It's magical.
My journal is a bit of a curious thing. It contains my life, expressed in all sorts of interesting ways. There are those pages filled with ramblings about my day. Things that I love, things that bother me, or excite me, things that anyone else would see as mundane were they to read it. But all these things work together to make me who I am, and they're all recorded in this book.
The pages of my journal also hold lists. Lots and lots of lists. Anything from a packing list, to a guest list. Sometimes even shopping lists! I always like to keep things organized, so my journal contains an insane number of lists.
My journal has a crazy amount of poems and song lyrics, too. Seriously, it could be anything! I have a quote from Horton Hears A Who, and lyrics from a song by Skillet, and a poem I wrote about me and my boyfriend. There are some drawings as well, and if you look at the first one and the last one, you can definitely see an improvement!
Reading all the old entries and tidbits almost brings tears to my eyes! I've grown so much, and learned so many things. For instance, when a teacher asks you, "Why are you and your boyfriend late for class, where were you?" Don't say, "Around..." It sends the wrong message... :/
The title on my journal is, "I'm still learning. ~Michelangelo" I thought it suited. I'm still young, but I hope will never ever stop learning. :)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Bored List

Boredom seems to be my lot in life some days. I find myself sitting on the couch having absolutely no ideas about what to do. And that's lame. That's like a sundae with lame sauce all over it. That's how lame it is. But worse than being bored is being bored but having this urge to do something specific. Nothing but that one thing will satisfy the strange impulse, and no matter what, that one thing cannot be found. Ugh, I get frustrated just thinking about it! Hence, a list of fun things to force myself to do when I'm in this state if mind:

*Have a movie marathon
*Do something unexpected...
*Look up YouTube videos (I suggest Julian Smith or Three Year Old Crying Over Justin Bieber)
*Sing a song! (Even if you can't sing. In fact, especially if you can't sing haha!)
*Find creative ways to encourage someone (like a card or a cake, or a random puppy...)
*Color a picture
*Do something to praise God
*Have a bubble bath (seriously, when's the last time you did that?)
*Graffiti something
*When talking to someone, stop and actually listen to what they have to say.
*Go to a movie
*Say hi to a random stranger (this is super fun cuz some will be super happy, and some will wonder what you're smoking haha!)
*Write a poem (or rap) about being bored
*Make hot chocolate and share it with a friend
*Think deeply.
*Make a masterpiece
*Look for funny or profound quotes on google
*Write the story of your life
*Appreciate nature
*Appreciate dust bunnies
*Go sledding (who cares if it's seasonally appropriate? Slide down the stairs on a cushion in the summer!)
*Be random.
*Make a pizza!
*Come up with more things for this list.

I've done a good portion of those already. I won't tell you which ones, I'll leave that to your imagination. ;) but try them out! They are seriously insanely fun. Some of them may seem lame, but once you get going, boredom is out the window! Hey, that reminds me of a song! "Hit the road Jack, and don't come back, no more no more no more no more!" Yeah... I don't even try to comprehend what goes on in my head anymore. Haha! But this, my dears, is my advice for the day: Don't Be Bored. Simple as that.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Life Feels Like a Soap Opera

"Hello, and welcome to another episode of, "What Was Up With That Last Blog? It Was Uncharacteristically Moody!" Last week, Brie was uncharacteristically moody and wrote about the age old question, "What is love?" This week...

Here's a little background on the last blog entry. Oo! Inside scoop! See, my boyfriend and I were not quite on the same page. And we didn't know exactly what was wrong, but he randomly asked me, "Do you know what love is?" This stumped me, and I was really moody because things were very uncertain and I was a bit scared. Turns our, I was wondering why he wouldn't talk to me or anything, and why whenever we talked it was just silly trivial things and never anything deeper. I guess he was wondering why I wouldn't cuddle with him, hold his hand enough, or go on enough dates with him. We talked about this very rationally and respectfully, and we both decided to just be friends. I think the problem was I was holding back too much. But here's why: in my heart (and unbeknownst to me) he was still just a buddy. I always felt awkward being cuddly with him because I still saw him in that light. See, now I know! I wished I would have clued in sooner. We could have reverted back to friends much easier if I would have seen it sooner. But it might not be too difficult, considering we never really kissed or had a deep intimacy. I just hope his feelings weren't hurt too badly.
My friends so far have all been really comforting. Which is nice, but I don't think I need sympathy. I am convincing myself that I am not losing him; he'll still be around and we'll still hang out. I will miss whatever romantic element we had, but I think that years from now we'll look back and wonder what on earth we were thinking! Then we'll chuckle and take a swig of... orange pop. :) he's still one of my best guy friends (at least I really hope), and I feel like my life has been put back in order, so all is well. Until...

"Tune in next time as we reveal what Brie mysteriously finds in her dresser drawer..." haha! ;)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is this "Love" You Speak Of?

Do you know what love is? 'Cause apparently I don't. It seems to me that most of the world doesn't. Its an age old question...

Here are some ways people try to define it:
"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of this life: that word is love."

"Attention is the most basic form of love; through it we bless and are blessed."
~John Tarrant

"Love is friendship set on fire."

"Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it... It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk everything, you risk even more."
~Erica Jong

"Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside."
~Margaret Walker

"Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place."
~Zora Neale Hurston

So yeah. It's a bit confusing. There's only one quote I know of that actually lays it out well.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

Doesn't get much better than that. :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ranting (spoiler alert: French phrase at the end :D)

Apparently it's possible to be too cool. Now I'm not trying to sound spiteful or critical, but seriously. When you're meeting your girlfriends buds for the first time, don't treat them like they're stupid, it's a bit of a turn off.
Those are my words of wisdom for the day. See, one of my very dearest friends started going out with this guy a month or so ago, and we all hung out with him today for the first time. (well I'd met him before, but it didn't make much difference) and he definitely seemed to think we were all nutcases! Like, I pride myself in being a little strange once in a while, and sure I like to act childish on occasion, but no need to look down on me because of it! It was kinda humiliating/spirit-killing. Like everyone was really reserved and awkward because they didn't want any weird looks. It was lame. And my boyfriend was working so he wasn't there to be goofy and put everyone at ease. (he's great at that!) but oh well. Guess you can't win them all. I'm just proud of myself for not completely caving to criticism like usual! Yay me! I continued to be myself when the world said no. :) so happy day. (or "heureux jour", which is French) (wonder if I spelled that right...) anyway, goodbye my lovelies!!


P.S.: This is me, in all my French splendor. :P

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christening the New Blog

Tada! New blog, as promised. And this is the very first post, so feel privileged that your eyes can behold such a masterpiece. Let's just take a moment to drink it all in...

Kay, moment done. So today was a wonderful day! We had this International's Potluck, which is pretty much a potluck where we invite people would have recently immigrated, and get to know each other and eat amazing food! Ah, it was so delicious! I'm in charge of leading the kids part, so we usually watch a movie or color or something. But today we were celebrating Easter early, so of course we had an Easter egg hunt! Haha it's amazing how joyous the kids get when you load them with candy. :) It was actually soo fun! And I made a couple new friends, too! They are two guys, one from the Philippines, and the other from Bhutan. They were pretty cool! I'm usually kinda shy and awkward, but I decided on my way there that I would push myself to be outgoing, and be interested in others more than myself. I asked God to help me be a shining light, and show them His crazy awesome love. And He totally came through! Man, I am so in love with God these days. It's really cool. :) and now I'm extremely tired, so I should probably get some sleep. :P goodnight!!!

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