Sunday, June 2, 2013


So if you read my last post, I can only assume you have been waiting, sitting at the edge of your seat for the grand surprise I have planned! Well, your wait is finally over! Yippee!!

Every year, my social teacher assigns us a main project of the year. Two years ago it was a personal coat of arms, last year it was a personal identity project, and this year we had to create a Personal Manifesto! I was actually really excited for this project, as I often am for any individual, creative project. My friends were all groaning about it, and coming up with the easiest project they could. So sad. I wonder what it must feel like to be so unenthused about so many things...

Anyways, since I love to write so much, and love to blog I devised the perfect plan. Mwah ha ha! I decided to write a blog! I entitled it: Ponderings and Musings: Some Random Girl's Manifesto. It's basically just a compilation of my thoughts and ideas on various subjects, and if you click on my profile on the side of this page, there is a link directly to it! How convenient! But to make it even more convenient, I shall put another link right.... here!

It is in its "finished" state already, but I will probably end up adding more as I live and learn. I hope to have a great representation of my values and beliefs someday! So enjoy! :)

Here's one of the fabulous quotes I included:
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