Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Today I am feeling nostalgic. I'm looking through all the photos I took, or have stolen from others, while I've been in Nicaragua. There have been so many great times, and I'm not sure I'm ready to let it go. So I thought, as a last tribute to all things Nicaraguan, I would share with you a few of the gems I found. :)

The boys ditching us part-way to Dona Corina's house, opting to ride the horse-drawn cart instead.

Dona Corina's niece is so precious! She had so much fun showing Lydia and Jason her plastic trees. :)

We had a campfire a couple times, which was obviously a ton of fun. :)

For a while we had no running water in the house, so Lydia and I washed our hair outside. We had a little help from Isaac, and some, uh, moral support from the others. ;)

During our trip to Ometepe, we stopped at a museum, where we took a picture with the ancient goddess of fertility!
A tarantula we found on the computer room door!

One of our many gecko friends! We actually like these guys a lot, because they eat the pesky bugs. :)
Mr. Scorpion kindly paid us a visit before his untimely death.
Some adorable girls we met on this trip!
Rebecca the Explorer, on Mombacho volcano!
On the cathedral roof! You can see more photos of it in this post.

I'm taking credit for this amazing picture of the British boys ;)
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