Friday, June 15, 2012

"There's Nothing Braver Than A Duck."

Okay guys, I've found a new obsession. It started with an inside joke, but I'm starting to think that this would be the perfect trademark symbol of Brianna Bute. It reflects my personality perfectly! And here is what it is: ... ducks! Yes, ducks. It's kinda strange, I know, but then again so am I so it works. :P

It all started one warm sunny day when my friend and I were teaching Sunday School. The lady teaching that day's lesson told everyone to grab a partner, so automatically this tiny grade one girl whips around and exclaims, "Brianna's my partner!!" We chuckled a wee bit about that one, and then the teacher explained what we were to do. See, one person was the clay, the other the sculptor. The clay would start out looking afraid, the the sculptor would move them into a position that was brave. So I make a frightened face. Then the little girl takes my hands, and I think she meant to put them on my hips, but they ended up a little higher. They looked very much like wings. And I thought to myself, "She gone and made me into a chicken! I was supposed to be brave!" She moved my mouth into a smile and stepped back. Proud of her work, she turned to watch the other sculptors work. When my friend saw my like this she laughed so hard! And then out of her mouth came the famous words, "There's nothing braver than a duck!"
Ever since that day, that has been our special joke. She posted it on my Facebook wall today, and I wrote on hers a cheesy duck joke. And I predict this is the start of my duck infatuation. Just warning you. And really, can you blame me? They are such a super cool animal! With their webbed feet and duck bill. And they waddle! Man, you can not get much better than that.

This is my favorite duck. Even though he's purple (or blue, whatever) and doesn't look much like a duck, he definitely has that personality of a true duck! If you've never seen him in action, I would encourage you to watch the children's cartoon, "Peep and the Big Wide World". He is too funny!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Something Special

When I grow up,
Or maybe just right now,
I want to have that special something.

You know what I mean,
You've seen it before.
When someone loves without limits,
Instead of looking for the door.

When he smiles and he means it,
Or you never see her mope,
It's intriguing and it matters.
It brings others hope.

When I look in the mirror,
That's what I want to see.
I want to live fearlessly,
With my arms open wide,
Ready to catch any speck of good that comes my way.
And when I catch painful wounds in my hands,
I want to be strong enough to stand,
To fiercely determine to open again.
And when troubles pursue me,
Like thieves in the night,
I will never, ever let go of hope.

I want to be quick to forgive you,
Quick to reach to you,
Quick to go an extra two miles for you.
I want to steal away the burdens,
Leaving joy in it's place,
Turn that frown upside down,
On every possible face.

The shadows,
They'll run when they see me come near.
'Cause I'm leaning on God!
They have reason to fear!

I want to earn your trust,
And be ready to do my part.
Have the wisdom to wait,
And to know when to start.

I want to know the story,
Every story,
Behind every tired face,
I want to be there, when the world turns away.

Return slaps with hugs,
Tears with tissues,
Lies with truth.

I want to be able to honestly say,
I can laugh at the times to come!
'Cause I know if I fall,
My Lord will catch me.
If I cry,
My Lord will love me.
If I die,
My Lord will not hide
His tears of joy
When He runs to me and says,
"Welcome home! I missed you."
That is something pretty special.

*^this here is my attempt at spoken word poetry. Trust me, it sounds a lot better when it is performed. Haha, but if you want to see some real spoken word poetry, look up Sarah Kay on YouTube. Her stuff is amazing! Especially her, "If I Should Have a Daughter". She performs it during her TED talk. Very cool :) Here's a link:
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