Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Love Beyond Measure

Have you ever noticed how much our culture craves love? No? You mean you haven't stumbled upon the million and billions of songs describing (and bemoaning) it, the TV shows idolizing it? How about the many websites devoted solely to helping people find it for themselves? Still no? Then I'm sorry to break it to you my friend, but you have lived under a rock your whole life. Not only have you been deprived of experiencing life, but I do not envy you the bruises you must have! Rocks are not too comfy..

But you know what I mean, right? Just take a look at these song lyrics:

"What do you got, if you ain't got love?
Whatever you got, it just ain't enough
You walk in the road, but you're going nowhere
You're tryin' to find your way home, but there's no one there
Who do you hold, in the dark of night?
You wanna give up, but it's worth the fight
You have all the things, that you've been dreaming of."
"However far away,
I will always love you.
However long I stay,
I will always love you.
Whatever words I say,
I will always love you;
I will always love you."

It's as if the whole world is crying out for something more! Something solid in the middle of this unpredictable mess we call life. We know that life is nothing without love, but yet it sometimes seems like it isn't enough... Coincidence? I don't think so! It's how we were made! However we just keep wandering around looking for a quick bandaid fix to this giant problem, when the forever solution is right there! How could we be so blind! God loves us so much and we need Him so much that nothing else will do.
When I'm feeling particularly lonesome, I love just being quiet and feeling God there with me. He says His unfailing love surrounds me (Psalm 32:10), and that he will give me rest (Matthew 11:28) and be with me always (Jeremiah 30:10). That's good enough for me! :)

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