Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Guerilla Artist

This has got to be the collest quote ever!  I love the idea of making art more than just some lines on paper; allowing it to leap off the pages and become tangible. "Paint the very atmosphere", that sounds so noble! Art is something that not every feels they can relate to, so it's something special when you take it out into the world and show them that art is so much more than they think. Art is exciting, inviting, and captivating! It reahes into your very core and relates to you in a way that nothing else can. Art is all interpretation, and though it helps to find out what the artist's take on it was, the true function of art is to reach you where you are.
If art is meant to reach you where you are, why not take it to where the people are?? I recently found this book called, "The Guerilla Artist". I haven't actually gotten around to purchasing it yet, but it sounds fantastic! It looks like it is meant to inspire you and give practical tips to "paint the very atmosphere". It's called "street art", and I've always been a big fan of it. Yes, some may call it graphitti, but I call it genius! They take ordinary walls, mailboxes, street markings, etc... and make them awesome! It's such an unexpected surprise that I dare liken it to random acts of kindness. Oh how wonderful it must be to be that artist, nd know you've brought a smile or chuckle to an otherwise glum day, whosever it may be. So yes, this is on my wishlist for sure. And if anyone buys it, please let me kow what you think of it! I'd also love to see what fantastic art you've been creating, whether it's street art or canvas art or a sketch or a fabulous recipe, or photography or a song or whatever! There are tons more ways you could create something, so if you're reading this I am speaking to you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Poetry and Stuff...

The Edge
By Brianna Bute
I stand on the edge,
Peering at the vast world below,
Dreading the moment I leave my cozy nest,
When everything I’ve ever known,
Will be only happy memories.
Do I jump?
Will I fall?
Consumed by indecision
 I turn and spot the future
Creeping up on me.
Filled with sudden courage,
I turn to face the world,
Don’t look down,
Don’t look down…
I close my eyes real tight,

And leap!
SO... Hey there! This poem is something I whipped up for the first ever assignment of my English 30-1 Classs! <Don't ask me why there are three "S"s... Anyways, I'm not sure if it can be considered good poetry, but I like it, so that's always good. :)
There are 3 new things that have happened recently:
1) I have recently purchased a laptop. With this new-fangled gadget I will be able to write to you much more easily! Yay!
2) I have moved. Whether this is a "yay" or "nay" I haven't yet decided... I will let you know. It's smaller, which is lame BUT there's not as much house to clean. I can walk to school which is nice BUT also not, because I'm lazy. ;)
3) I have entered the fantastical world of Grade 12! Woo hoo! I'm happy, but also a little nervous. You probably gathered that from the poem, but whatever, I told you again!

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