Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where Have You Been?!

I've had a number of people writing to me, asking for another update. I promise I've been meaning to write one! I haven't forgot about you! It's been a long time since I last posted (ahem, sorry about that), and a lot has happened since then! In advance, I'm sorry the photos are so small! Hopefully you can see enough to get the idea. :)
In May, I got to share my birthday with the lovely Eugenia (on my right). The four of us (the other three in our household were in Costa Rica, unfortunately.) had such an awesome evening together! Love them so much. :)

Near the end of May, grades 3-6 went on a fieldtrip to Leon. The volunteers were all able to tag along and help take care of all the kids. We had such a great time! We got to visit the home of Ruben Dario, a famous Nicaraguan poet. It had been turned into a museum, and we were able to see some of the original furniture, and the original copies of his work. We learned a lot about his life and his history. Then, we visited the cathedral, which was magnificent! We climbed to the very top and walked on the cathedral roof (as shown in the image below). We had to remove our shoes before walking out on the pristine white surface of the roof. It was amazing!
We also got a tour of the inside of the cathedral. It was so beautiful!
Right at the end of May, the school had their Family Day celebration. All the families of the students were invited to see a program put on by the students. Each class did some sort of performance, so we had traditional dancing, acting, singing, everything! It was so cool! This is a photo of the grade one class waiting their turn to present their drama.
This is me with two of the grade one boys. They are so sweet! I've really enjoyed teaching their English class this year. :)
At the beginning of June, our wonderful housekeeper invited us to her house for dinner. She's like our little mother in the house, and we adore her. :)

For the later part of that week, we had a volunteers retreat! We attended the grade 8 graduation of the daughter of the school director on Wednesday, then went to a resort called Montelimar.
Apparently, we were concentrating very hard on the game we were playing on the way to Montelimar. :P
Despite what you may think from my face in this photo, we were not bored at all! It is the nicest resort we've ever seen in Nicaragua! It's more like the resorts we would see at home. We had a ton of fun swimming and boogie boarding and mini golfing and visiting the "zoo" (which was really just some deer and a couple peacocks wandering around, but still quite entertaining! Haha!)
On Monday, we said goodbye to our very dear friends, Jason and Issac. So we had a massive party for them, complete with hilarious party games, heartfelt parting words, and of course, lots of selfies. ;) Here are a couple photos of everyone in the house together.
On their last night here, we decided it would be a great idea to camp out on the deck, under a huge mosquito net. It was so much fun! The cool breeze was really nice, even if some of us were sleeping mostly on concrete all night. We felt like little kids again, hanging out in our blanket fort!
Soon enough all the volunteers will be leaving, so we're trying to make the most of our time together while we can. :) It has been such a blessing getting to know all these wonderful people! We're all from different cultures and backgrounds, so it has been such an eye-opening experience to see the world from different perspectives. I will miss them all so much when I go back to Canada for school. I know God will be looking out for all of them, wherever He takes them next. <3
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