Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day Trippin'

Yesterday, my family and I went on an adventure! We travelled to a few amazing cities around Nicaragua, and got to see so many beautiful sights and meet tons of new people! First, we went to a pottery shop.

My grandpa got a short tour of the back of the shop, where they make the pottery, and we got to meet one of the artists! We got him to sign some of his handcrafted vases for us.
We also got a chance to visit the artisan market. Many people set up shops there for paintings, clothing, hammocks, carvings, pottery, jewellery, and anything else you could possibly imagine! We took a break to drink some smoothies, and my brother and grandpa got there shoes cleaned and shined.
And to finish it all off, we ate at a restaurant with a fantastic view!
Nicaragua is such a beautiful and interesting place! It never fails to pleasantly surprise me. :)

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